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What if there is no wind during my lesson?

    No wind, no problem! You will only be charged for the lessons you take. We will do our best to reschedule your lesson or get you on one of our no wind activities. If you have paid in advance you will be refunded for the hours missed.

What if there is too much wind?

    Safety is our number one priority for every lesson. During our windy season it is possible your lesson will be cancelled due to high winds. This will be decided daily by the instructor based on wind speed and your skill level. You will not be charged for any lessons cancelled due to high winds. 

How do I pay?

    We accept the local currency, pesos, at the current exchange rate (we will happily do the conversion for you). As well as US cash, all local credit and debit cards, and foreign Visa and Mastercards with a small fee.

Payment is due at the end of your lesson or rental package. 

Do I need a reservation?

    We encourage reservations, especially during the holiday season (Thanksgiving-New Years). You can make a reservation online on our website, or call +52 624 171 6777 

We do accept walk-ins if we have availability, so feel free to come by the school and chat with us!

Can my kids kite?

    Of course! We offer our beginner “tester” course that is perfect for kids to give kiting a try. We typically start when they are around 80lbs due to safety.

Who makes the equipment?

    Kites, Bar/Lines, Boards -Duotone

     Harnesses, Wetsuits - Ion

What should I bring? 

    While we provide all the equipment we ask that you bring sunglasses and sun hat (for beach sessions in the beginner lessons) water, sunscreen, bathing suit and towel. 

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