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Safety is at the core of everything we do at Buena Vista Kiteboarding. All of our lessons are jet ski-assisted, as it allows us to provide enhanced instruction at a premier level. Every single lesson is customized to the student's level and individual goals.

LESSONS: Courses



8-Hour Kiteboarding Package: $880

As one of our most popular offerings, we recommend signing up for this course if you have never kiteboarded before. Lessons are 100% customized to each student's progression level, and span 3 days following this general outline:

  • Day 1: This 2-hour lesson starts on the beach learning the safety and set up of the kite gear and knowledge of the wind.  Then we move on to launching & landing, kite flying, and water body-dragging.

  • Day 2: During this 3-hour lesson, we focus on solo body dragging, using a two-way communication head set, with the student being followed by a jet ski for safety and accelerated learning time.

  • Day 3: This 3-hour lesson starts with an introduction to the board, and moves on to practicing riding for the rest of the time.

No wind? No problem! Let's practice those board skills behind our jet ski! No wind days are great for dialing in your board skills. If you are a beginner who has never ridden a board, the ski is a great tool for practicing getting up on a twin tip.



Tow-in Foil Surf Package: $150/hour

Are you an experienced foil boarder ready to take the next step? Hop on a jet-ski with our instructor and learn the skills it takes to be a foil surfer. 

Using the jet-ski to tow students into the waves is the most progressive way to learn, as it allows students to maximize wave riding time. 

This lesson has a two-hour minimum, and is for advanced foilers. If you have never foiled before and want to work your way up, we recommend our "First Time Foilers" package below.



Beginner Foil Package: $125/hour

If you have never foiled before and want to learn how, this package is for you! Learning to ride the board behind a jet ski provides a controlled environment that allows students to learn the feeling of the foil in open water, away from all obstructions with the steady, predictable pull of the jet ski.


Going To Surf

Downwinders & Adventures

To request a downwinder tour or expedition, shoot us an email at Downwinder tours are priced individually, as tour pricing depends on the number of riders participating and the location of the tour. 

Have an idea for an expedition and looking for a professional surf or kiteboarding guide? Let us know via our email and we'll get back to you! 

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